Wednesday, 1 June 2011

We have been learning about knights. On Tuesday afternoon we got busy making our own shields and swords.

'It was really good fun!' Andrew.
'I felt happy making them,' Chloe.
'I felt smart when I held my shield and sword,' Michaela.

Earl's and Bishop's Palaces

We went to visit the Earl's and Bishop's Palaces. We enjoyed exploring all the different rooms. We found lots of cellers, some chambers, a kitchen and the great hall. We really liked looking in the well and standing in the huge fireplaces.

Folk Festival Musicians

On Thursday a group of musicians called The Pooziers came to visit the school. We really enjoyed listening to them play their instruments and sing.

It was really good fun clapping along to the beat of the music.

We even got to have a go of the harp!

Drama with Mr Giles

On Wednesday we went to the hall to work with the drama teacher. We had a great time walking and waving like a King or Queen.

Then we walked in a procession. There was a king, queen, prince, princess and two guards. Can you tell who's who? We had to work as a team, making sure the group stayed together.

Mr Giles also showed us how to bow and curtsey like a king and queen would.

Monday, 2 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

On Friday 29th April we celebrated the Royal Wedding. Before the big day we had a
lot of preparation to do. 

We designed invitations for everyone in P1C, P1F and P1A asking them to attend our
Royal Wedding celebrations.  

We made our own Union Jack flags.

We followed a recipe carefully to make shortbread. 

After looking at pictures of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's souvenir
plates we designed our own ones. 

We wrote lists of all the things that would have to be done before the wedding. 

Miss Corse set us 'The Big Cake Challenge'.  We worked in groups of four to make a big wedding cake.  We had to cut out all the pieces and then glue them in order.  It was important for us to speak to the other people in our group about the task and work as a team to be able to complete the challenge in the time we were given. 

Finally the big day arrived!  We all came to school very excited, wearing our special clothes and the wedding hats/headbands that we'd made for our homework task. 

In the morning, before the wedding, we had lots of different tasks to do with class 1F. 

We decorated our shortbread. 

We made beaded necklaces and flowers to wear.

Then it was time to watch the wedding.  We all gathered in Miss Falconer's room in time to see Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey.  We all thought she looked
beautiful in her dress. 

Then we ended our celebrations with some dancing in the activity area.  It was decorated with balloons and the bunting we had made earlier in the week. 

Easter Egg Hunt

On Good Friday we went on an egg hunt.  We had to search the playground, with our partner, to find 10 easter eggs.  All of the eggs had a sum on them.  When we found an egg we had to work out the answer and record it on our answer sheet. 

We really enjoyed finding the eggs and working out the answers with our partner.  Some of us thought this was the best maths lesson ever!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Our first laptop lesson!

On Tuesday we had our first lesson with the laptops.  We learned how to turn them on and log in, we opened a Word document and typed our names and a few sentences.  We also learned how to shut down the laptops correctly.